Testimonial Kim Heyd

I was invited to boot camp by one of my family members. She was concerned for my health and rightly so. I had gained a lot of weight since I had been married and had my son. I just couldn’t seem to shed any on my own. I had accepted that it was the way it was gonna be and I just had to deal with it. That first camp was certainly a challenge and showed me really how steep my physical decline was. I couldn’t even do a single sit up! I didn’t realize that I was so out of shape. Each camp I went to motivated me more and more to do as good as I could. I was determined to out do myself each time I attended.


Since beginning with Kim a little better than two years ago, I have lost close to 30 pounds and decreased my sizes from a 16 pant to a 12 and an XXL shirt to a large! I still enjoy boot camp two times a week and I train with Kim one time a week. Today I am stronger, healthier and more fit then I have ever been. With that has come an increase in confidence and the happiness that I can race my son to the house and win instead of making excuses of why I cant run. I am hooked on my new lifestyle, which thanks to Kim is healthier and one that I can be proud of!