Jennifer Lynch Testimonial

Jen-Bio1When I first moved to Charlotte from Florida in 2007, I was 175 pounds.  I wasn’t used to that size…. I was an athlete who ate well and exercised often (prior to the move – I was 150 lbs.)

I blame the constant eating out and wine (which was usually at least a glass a night).  When I had my son in 2010, I ballooned to 250 lbs.  Yes – 250 lbs.  I’ll blame that on the ‘eating for two’ excuse. Double the milkshake, double the pizza, double the burgers.

Then I decided I needed to turn my life around and get back to the ‘old Jen’.  When my son was five months, I went to my first Carolina Adventure Boot Camp with Kim.  At that time I lost some of the baby weight (I was 195 lbs), ‘ran’ a mile in 12:53 and could barely do a sit-up.  After the first month of boot camp, I noticed the inches and weight falling off.  I started to eat healthy again.  My clothes were falling off. I was getting old Jen back.   I continued working out with Kim, running more 5Ks and signing up for triathlons.

My first year with Carolina Adventure Boot Camp was astonishing:


Right Thigh26.520.5
Right Bicep1412
Body Fat41.130.5

Since then, I have completed in several triathlons, a half marathon,  3-race in 3-day events, and the 24 Hours of Booty (in which I have ridden 100+ miles in a 24 hour period).  I have changed my eating habits to a ‘clean’ eating habit and have decreased both my meal portions and processed food intake.

As of November 2014, I am 143 lbs and getting stronger and faster.  I owe Kim for helping me find the ‘old Jen’.